ive found recently that these delectable little fruits are AMAZING for quelling that annoying hunger pain PLUS they satisfy the urge for sweets!
and only 62 calories for a medium sized one

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ok sooo i got back this weekend from my Spring Break in South Carolina. It was pretty good but i really miss my boyfriend :( it sucks that he gets a nice vacation in Mexico for two weeks while i get endless workouts from my coach. going to try to stick to only eating between oatmeal and cold cereal with a small salad for all my really trying to become a healthier, better i hope this works

please help

Im pretty new to everything, though I've felt uncomfortable with how I am for a while.

Today, I yoyo'd: yesterday was less than 100 cal, today, far above 1000.

This has happened before, but I feel so terrified and anxious, and I am far too freaked out by purging.

What can i do to make this feeling go away?? 
Please comment!!

Quick stats:
age: 17
height: 4'10"
cw: 88
hw: 95
gw1: 85
gw2: 80

its been a while...

since ive posted...yet again. Sorry guys, but ive decided to try to start up again because we just got a new member request...yay.
ok sooo right now im in south carolina on the most intense rowing training trip ever
surprisingly all of this working out(4.5 hours a day of rowing, running at least 3 miles a day) has made me really loose my appetite.
I have a hard time eating before i work out and afterwards im so tired that i just take a nap and when i wake up its time for practice again.
so ive just been trying to stick to like 1,200 calories a day, i know it sounds like a lot but with the amount of work im doing im supposed to eat 3,000 and i have to eat with the team so skipping is pretty much a non-option.
how have you all been?

three days over ago

so for those of you who remeber my little three day emergency plan from about a week ago, it actually went uite well. by the third night i was feeling more comfertable about myself and yeah the night went verywell:) any who! i have a new plan. i like this boy:) and he has gone away for two weeks,SO i have come up with a new 2 week plan! ive got to finalise all the little bits yet but i shall post it later today!

for those who are interested PLEASE add me cos im gonna post as friends only and yeah, i get a little paranoid wondering who may come across these thoings!

XO e- also when i do post my plan i am looking for advice or if you happen to know somthing that will work better or any suggestions!

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ok since ive had like 3 ppl want to join this community i decided that im really going to step things up a bit and start actually posting here
im so lazy...lazy no more!

toning excercises

Does anyone know some good ways to work on muscle toning? I usually do Pilates, jog, and sometimes swim laps. Any other suggestions? I'd like to be at least a little more tone at the end of the summer.


I dont eat much and I'm worried that I'm not getting enough nutrition. Should I just eat more and not worry about it, or are there ways that I can still get all the nutrition I need and not a lot of calories? I know you need whole grains, dairy, fruits/veggies and protein, but it's hard to get all of the servings I need each day without feeling like I gained 10 pounds. This is what I ate today.

lunch-tortilla with turkey, lettuce, and onions
light lemonade

is that enough? omg..I just realized I didn't have any dairy today. not good...gosh...I feel so unhealthy right now, but I feel thin! I dont know how I'd rather feel...healthy and fat or unhealthy and thin..hmmmm well does anyone else have this problem? Do you have any advice? thanx

<3 Leah
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Hi everyone,
hope your all doing well!
.... for the last couple of days my weight has been increasing slightly (less than 1 lb) but i'm confused because i am not eating much - if any- and i look the same or even thinner people say. i am really confused :; is it weight i gained or something else?